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4 Week Appts or BUST!


Why do I have my clients come in every 4 weeks?

Frustrated that your FIRST-time wax didn't last as long as you hoped?

Most frequently asked questions and explanations will be discussed below 💁🏻

Let's start with your INITIAL VISIT. 90% of my initial visits are clients that have been shaving for years!!! No matter the area that you are getting waxed... if you have been shaving that area you will experience a few things. 1. The initial wax will always hurt worse. Your follow-ups will be much easier and less painful. Please don't let the first visit make the deciding factor on whether you rebook your follow up. 2. The hair being waxed during the initial visit is MUCH THICKER!! No matter what stage your hair growth is in, you are regularly shaving the hair down to the thickest part. Which is why the initial visit lasts longer and takes more work to remove and why it's so painful the first visit. 3. Stages of hair growth you need to understand... Us women are soooo guilty... even more in the colder months... shaving according to what we are wearing or not even shaving at all or occasionally. It's really hard to spot what stages of hair growth you currently have in the areas you are wanting waxed. Let's say that it's wintertime or you are shaving only knee to ankle this week cause you are limited on time... etc... the hair growth cycle will now differ from the thigh to the knee and the knee to the ankle. The reason I mention this is because I hear and see all the time where someone goes to get a wax for the first time and it didn't last the "4 weeks" they were told. Please understand the hair that was pulled won't come back for 4 weeks... but the hair pulled was more than likely in Telogen Stage. This means another hair was already growing underneath and that's what's showing a few weeks later... it's not because "the wax didn't work", trust the wax was effective... your esthetician just didn't inform you of the possible grow back that would happen a few weeks later... this can happen anywhere on the body. How do you achieve a flawless wax that will last longer? Maintain your scheduled 4-week appointments. Waxing the hair regularly and being able to wax the hair during the Anagen Stage will assure that your wax will last as long as 3 weeks, leaving the 4th week for growth that will be waxed at your next appointment.

Please know that if you decide to shave in between appointments, you are defeating the purpose of trying to achieve a flawless waxing service.

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