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My Truth About Rodan & Fields...

And another bites the dust. A wax client contacted me begging for help. Another victim of Rodan and Fields. Her skin barrier is compromised and has developed sensitivity. I can't stress to you enough how dangerous this brand is. Luckily I have her all fixed up on Image Skincare and she is on the path to better skin. I'm adding this box of overpriced garbage to the rest of the stockpile. I always have my clients that use this brand turn in every single product before I treat their skin with Image and my services.

Pictured below (2nd pic, left) The RF products that I have confiscated from new clients

Comments made within the post.

(Edwards Aesthetics Comment) Sadly most people don't want to hear my opinion. I have gone back and forth with myself on whether or not I was going to post my

opinion. It tends to bring out a huge confrontation. I despise Rodan and Fields. But the only way I have been able to let my clients know is to simply educate when asked for my opinion.

Products i have confiscated

(Edwards Aesthetics) The ingredients for the price point are ridiculous. The inactive ingredients are not quality enough to deliver the at I've ingredients appropriately. The active ingredients are not better than over the counter products. The ingredients are not molecularly structured to penetrate deep enough to target the issues you purchased the products for. Example- acne... the products are stripping everything away from your skin, the detergents they use are harsh as well as compromising the skin barriers... with the product not being able to penetrate deep enough, the root of the acne isn't being treated, hence why they always break out after they quit using it. The face needs more acids... not detergents that mimic the feel of what acids can do for the face. The reps claim the products are "clinical" strength... but on the box, it's clearly stated "OTC AND COSMETIC" ingredient... you're paying 3-4 times as much for ingredients that are just as effective as Walgreens and CVS formulas. I have spoken to an ophthalmologist about the ingredients in the lash boost and it's filled with nothing but chemicals. He's had 2 clients that use lash boost and have had horrible reactions to it. The products are over sensitizing the skin and destroying the barrier. Which leaves no protection from outside elements.


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