Argan Oil! Face Butter! Oily Skin?

Can products meant for drier skin types become beneficial to those with oily skin?

Today I would like to talk about products that we (Those with acne prone skin) would never reach for... or COULD we?

As an Esthetician, myself and other professionals can't stress to our clients enough how important skincare must be BEFORE the makeup application ever begins. Our skin must be healthy and prepped in order for your makeup to SHINE to the fullest.

Typically prepping your skin, if you were to ask anyone with any type of oily skin how they prep their skin for makeup application, many would answer " I use a great primer meant for oily skin types", "I use a primer that gives me a matte finish", "I use a product the dries my skin." etc...

I use to think the same! I used to dry my face and use drying products without moisturizing my face afterwards, convinced those products would only fuel the fire. After receiving my education of course, I began using the appropriate products to put hydration back into my skin. At the time I was still combating active acne and searching for a solution.

Now that I have cleared my face, I still have acne prone skin and a lot of products I am still unable to use. The two products that have cleared my face to what it is today leaves my face drier than usual but you would never be able to tell mid-day as I you would find me shiny enough to be an extra on any of the Twilight movies!! Thats not a good look for me so I knew I was lacking something. I never prepped my face before applying makeup in fear the silicone base products would create horrible texture, just as it always has. My skin needed hydration from the type of product that would blend easily not only with the foundation that will be applied on top, that will also apply smoothly with the medicated cream that was applied underneath.

In the morning I follow a pretty short routine.

  • - Clean my face with a gentle cleanser.

No need for any harsh cleansers in the am, but cleansing away the work your skin has done over night is important to starting the day. Most pm products are meant to repair and I find that am products renew.

  • -Balancing or Multifunction Toner

Using a product that can assist taking off all traces left behind of film, particles from your water, leaving your skin ready for hydrating.

  • -Apply my eyecream with spf

As if I was my "Chanel Bags" to suffer from anymore pigmentation, lets protect all the thinner skin on the face!

  • -I apply a few drops of Hyaluronic Acid to my face

Adding HA to another product you'd like to see better performance from (Vitamin C Serums) is best, as HA can penetrate amazingly into the skin as well as hydrate.

  • - Applying the Josie Maran face butter

Applying the size of a pea to each cheek, forehead and chin mixing with HA has to be the best prepped step before makeup application FOR ME.

How it worked!

The Whipped Face Butter never broke down or beaded up with makeup application, I noticed a better blend ability with my concealers under my eye, not to mention my face powders applied seamlessly rather than dusting off my face to the lack of hydration and no need to over set my face for the fear of my face becoming so oily later in the day as my face would not suffer from being over dried.

I was simply left with the glow as you can see in the photo above.

I encourage you to break up with the primers and switch to a moisturizing product. Try this for a week and come back to discuss your experience!


For a week or so worth of product, most counters will offer samples to take home. So no money needs to be spent! If they product you're looking for can't be found at a counter, more than likely a travel size is available to purchase at your local Ulta, Sephora, or directly from the company itself on their website!

Other Products I mentioned in this post are available on PRIME!

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