Edwards Aesthetics Clients, May I Have Your Attention!

Updated January 2021-

With last years events of Covid 19 and the unknown of future madates/closures...

My location at 425 W Wilshire has closed.

I am now operating from a custom build home office. Please refer to my Instagram of updated blog post announcing my reopening in the West Okc, Yukon Area!

Hello Everyone! I am here to announce some exciting news. It's been very hard to keep such exhilarating news to myself over the past few weeks as this is an announcement, for regular people require patience, inquisition, guidance from numerous resources, reassurance and strategy.

Although I do possess all of the above, the amount of each is certainly not equal to one another. Traits that I am continuously working on as my business grows and ability to communicate with my professionals broaden.

I look back and reflect over not only my accomplishments but what I still have left to GIVE.

My drive has not only been continued learning for the better servicing of my clients, but as well as being able to demonstrate a new and/or alternative technique. I have displayed passion for the Esthetics Industry though my Youtube Channel, Instagram Posts, attending IECSC with Starpil Wax USA in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida to demonstrate various wax and wax accessories that has helped mold my technique into what it is today, to finally starting a monthly demo subscription that better caters to licensed professionals.

After the launch of The- V- Subscription I knew I wanted to go further. I wanted MORE!

Not only for my clients but for the professionals that support me. But what could I do and how?

I receive 1-3 inquires a month regarding hands on training from licensed professionals around the state of Oklahoma. I received at least 1 inquiry a month from licensed professionals regarding online training. All inquires are without marketing that I offer training.

While demonstrating at IECSC Florida 2019, I received an inquiry about every 3rd professional I came into contact with.


After coming home to Oklahoma, Many things happened simultaneously... I found myself asking many questions... not only to myself, but close people to me. While hectic circumstances without reassurance or resolutions were happening, making comparisons to what I have and what Ive been asking for, what I could offer. After I realized those few scenarios with a few involuntary influences. this is what my husband Brandon and I, without regret BUT with absolute EXCITEMENT came to the conclusion too.

Edwards Aesthetics Exclusive Location | Aesthetic Services & Hard Waxing 101

Edwards Aesthetics Exclusive Location

Aesthetic Services & Hard Waxing 101 Training

Opening December 1st, 2019

Brandon and I are pleased to announce that we are opening a location of our very own!

A suite that estimates 600+ sqft , two entrances, one corner office that overlooks a section of courtyard with four floor length windows to catch the beautiful natural lighting, one office that has a private entry door to the parking lot, and a large reception area that you will enter from the main entrance hallway of the office building. A grand total of three rooms of my very own to give you the first impression you deserve, A quiet atmosphere while receiving your most relaxing services, a comfortable climate controlled experience for any and all services, A beautiful & trendy yet still affordable space to receive your monthly beauty routine maintenance.

My final day at my current location will be November 30th, 2019.

Thank you to everyone who has ever came to see me here over the 4+ years. This was my first location and having you in since day one through to this moment has been an honor. I cannot wait to see what the future has in store for us.


This office is where my Wax Training 101 classes will be held, as well as my Online Waxing classes.

Online wax classes will be available SPRING 2020.

What I can answer now....

  • Online Classes info will be posted closer to the time of the availability.

  • The Online Classes will only be temporarily limited to Brazilian Wax's- Male and Female.

  • Full Online Courses will be available in the early Fall of 2020.

  • Personalized Certificate upon successful completion.

  • All courses will come with a 'Vagician Package' that will be used for each training session. Each module will contain various types of packages. (packages will be included in the price and will NOT be substituted/exchanged/discounted/or left off to reduce the price)

  • Wax that will be used for training will be Starpil Wax- Starpil Wax Accessories- Starpil Wax Pots & Nova Wax - Nova Wax Pots

  • More info to come...

Disclaimer: It is very important to understand and acknowledge that each licensed professional that receives my training or considering taking it, that I am NOT a MASTER ESTHETICIAN. I am not able to issue anyone continuing education credit/hours to put towards their license and/or yearly renewal. When you purchase my training and receive a certificate of completion you are acknowledging you have achieved the technique that I have prepared, received and understood the literature that I have prepared, are aware the state board laws/qualifications have been stated in that literature are for Oklahoma State Board of Cosmetology. If you have any concerns regarding specific regulations or laws please contact your State Board.

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