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Less people are shaving, who is suffering?!

This morning as I get ready to start my #WaxWednesday I am watching my local news. Once national news begins I know that's when I get my things together to leave the house.

To my surprise, I couldn't help but hear a conversation begin between the anchors...

(See Video)


Gillette reports $8 Billion dollar loss


Now, I know that story is about men not shaving their beards and that is only what makes up a PART of that loss but it got me thinking, Who's responsible for the other part?

After doing some reading and ALMOST falling down a rabbit hole.... some would like to speculate its Gillettes own "Millennial Marketing Team" -

I would obviously LOVE to think that it's us, THE PROFESSIONAL WAXERS OF THE BEAUTY COMMUNITY!

Yes, Waxing has become such a popular service to so many for so many defining reasons, but we can all seem to agree about one advantage, Less maintenance.

With scheduled maintenance only required every 4 weeks why would anyone want to use a device that requires daily, sometimes requires replacement after just one use, may cause abrasions/nicks/bleeding, etc.

Now knowing what I know, I couldn't imagine going back to the razor. Thinking of where the razor lives, how we don't disinfectant the razor between each use, is our razor being shared between others in the shower, are we shaving correctly, are we in a hurry, do we have the right razor, are we allergic to the fragrances or other properties...etc. These are questions I ask myself and my clients in my head all day long, it's endless!

Knowing what I know now, I can extend that knowledge to my client. I can cater each client with a universal service such as a Leg Wax and change that service into a customizable experience just by asking her a few questions, conducting a visual consultation with her skin and the hair in the area I will be waxing to determine which wax will be best to use specifically for her. What razor can do that? Better yet... Can the sales associate at the grocery store do that? I don't think so... Can either shave the area for you... safely while performing universal precautions? My guess is no. Waxing is no longer for luxury. Waxing can be extremely helpful for a number of health conditions. Here are a few that most of us waxers see almost every day!

Even Pregnancy can trigger unwanted or patches of hair in unlikely areas. Some women can get to the point during their pregnancy where they cannot see to shave or even attempt to feel the area to get the job done. Attempting to shave the area during this time puts the expecting mother at higher risk for severe cuts or worse, infection if the cut goes unnoticed and/or a dull razor was used. I have witnessed Dr's advise their patients to avoid waxing for the soul belief the service will cause infection. 😳 👀 I do believe the Dr giving that advice MAY be outdated... 😐 I will let you draw your own conclusions.

As much as it was a shock to me to hear a story such as this on national news, the reasoning behind it isn't and I felt this headline would be a great explanation for all professionals to reach out to their clients/prospective clients to educate the dangers of shaving when necessary.


What are your thoughts on the headline? Anything to add? Comment below!



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