Prep Steps Before Your Initial Brazilian!

Revised 11/17/19

Prepping your intimate areas before your 'Initial Brazilian Wax' is very important.

First and foremost I want to Thank You for choosing me, Cara Edwards to be your Licensed Esthetician. I am honored that you chose me and trust me with your most delicates.

I know you must be nervous and perhaps even scared... even more so if you've had a bad experience before. I have always done my best to make every guest feel welcome and comfortable in my office. I am taking my love for education to my clients and first time guests one step further and have created my website from scratch to better communicate one-on-one with you.

Believe it or not, one step of prepping is gathering as much information as possible about the service your Licensed Esthetician provides. The website I have created for you will be a wonderful resource for you as I will constantly be adding information about my industry, my waxing techniques, sanitation practices, and regulations. I will also be discussing popular topics that are often discussed in my office, online forums, and misconceptions that make you go 😒...😳...🧐...😤...😱...and🤩!!!

Assuming a wonderful friend of yours, a family member, or a trusty review has sent you my way, I am hoping you are already feeling somewhat at ease in your seat while reading. If you have found me simply by chance... I am very thankful to have you and can't wait to meet you! So let's get started!!

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Prep Step 1-

Quite the most important step. Growing out the hair to an appropriate length for a successful initial wax. Pubic hair can range in many densities and textures, so to avoid confusion with new clientele I always advise new guests to have pubic hair at or longer than a grain of rice.

Common misconception is, longer the hair the more it will hurt, not necessarily. As far as the removal, the pain comparison at 4 weeks growth is equivalent to 6-8 weeks growth.

However, I have asked and have been told... I have a heavy application with first-time clients (First visits = Thickest Hair), If you do have longer than the recommended hair length, you will experience very slight pulling as the wax hardens.

Prep Step 2-

Some/Most establishments will require you to exfoliate the day(s) prior to the wax service. I want you to start the moment you make the commitment to come to my office. If you have active ingrowns or are prone to ingrowns, exfoliating up to the day you are scheduled with me will better lift stubborn hairs off/out of the skin, rid the dead skin off the body, and help prevent hair from becoming trapped under the skin (different from ingrowns).

I only approve one tool for daily exfoliating. That is an All-Natural Dry Brush (pictured above).

The specific dry brush that I have been recommending to my clients for the past 2 years can be found in my Amazon Store, along with other items that I have found very useful that you will see mentioned in other blog posts.

NO BODY SCRUBS!!!! We are the world's worst to using heavy hands. We want to scrub something clean. I simply want you to exfoliate daily. Pressing scrub beads onto your body, in between your fingers with heavy pressure in a back and forth motion, repeatedly could be very abrasive to the skin and cause microscopic lesions, allowing sweat and bacteria into those lesions, causing bacteria to spread and lead to possible infection.

NO PLASTIC BRISTLE BRUSHES!!!! When and if the bristles of the brush break they will not have a soft end. But a jagged edge, leaving a sharp feeling against the skin that may not feel pleasant right after a hair removal session. The plastic bristles are not as flexible as natural hair, making them not suitable for sensitive skin types.

NO MITTS, LOOFAS OR CLOTHS- These are simply body cleaning tools and will not properly exfoliate the body or any other surface of the body effectively. Even if stated the items are for 'exfoliating', they will not provide the proper exfoliation needed for the area.

NOTE: If you leave Mitts, Cloth Loofas, Cloths, Pads in the shower, the spread of mildew and bacteria is great. With continued use without proper cleaning of that device between each use, could lead to possible spread of infection to the skin and/or follicles.