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As I still suffer from hormonal acne, texture, and breakouts caused by my excessive sweating with daily workouts, my breakouts are much more superficial these days, allowing me to focus on the damage left behind from the days I suffered from cystic breakouts that left my skin scared and horribly pigmented.

When I became an Esthetician I learned so much more about my skin, my skin needs, and what I was doing wrong. Through no fault of my own of course, and no fault of yours, I was grateful for the knowledge I received. Skin and skincare is such a rapidly changing topic, its come a long way since the Ponds and Noxzema days of our past generations. Although I must admit... my mother never had any skin conditions, aside from your typical signs of aging. Those products must have been doing something right!! But like skincare that is ever so changing... so does our environment and diet. Acne triggers are not just from a dirty face anymore, but from the added pollution in our environment and added... well... 'you name its' in the foods that we can become sensitive too (Gluten, Dairy, Meat, Sugar, Sugar replacements, etc).

With all of that said, added triggers can cause added problems. Looking to regular, over the counter skincare just isn't sufficient anymore for some.

Now that I can focus on the pigmentation of previous damage, I want to make sure that I am using products that are not going to trigger my skin further but still be highly effective and safe for the healing skin that surrounds the pigmentation.

-About These Items-

Image Skincare- Illuma Skin Lightening Body Lotion.

I have not only used this lightening body lotion on my face, but I have used it during various post procedures. Even with its sweet fragrance, it never caused my procedure areas any irritation. Procedures including a simple Photo Facial, using daily post tummy tuck, even using post-procedure pixel laser treatments for my tummy tuck scar.

If you are trying to target pigmentation issues on the body and you are consistent with applying product daily, make sure you use a product that has skin lighting properties. Pigmentation can run so deep within the skin and consistent application of products is the most effective way of targeting those problem areas.

Image-MD Reconstructive Serum with Tri-C Complex

The most potent form of antioxidant and Vitamin C serum that image skincare offers.

A unique daily hydrating serum with a complex of stabilized Vitamin C (Tri-C complex) protects skin from Reactive Oxygenated Species (ROS) and combats aging effects with a high concentration of anti-oxidants. Lightens, tightens and brightens in one simple application. Paraben-Free.


SkinCeuticals- Equalizing Toner

I wish I had found this product much sooner in my life! Finding a toner that is pharmaceutical grade, alcohol-free, and safe for all skin types. Before I was always using a harsh toner that contained alcohol that, AT THE TIME... I believed, would help disinfect the areas that had active acne. I dealt with the sting and the excessive redness twice a day, morning and evening. Sometimes not seeing a difference in healing. Little did I know the alcohol was killing the healing skin around my dried up breakouts. With every application of the alcohol toner, it would strip all of the healing properties. I quickly changed toners and knew that I wanted a strong brand name. I noticed that not only am I needing a good toner that was going be gentle enough for my healing skin, my face seemed to really HATE the water quality in the city we had just purchased our first home! UGH, FRUSTRATING!!! (Might need to investigate this further... If you have comments about this issue please comment below. PROPS IF YOU ARE A PROFESSIONAL AND HAVE ADVISE!) Anyway, the equalizing toner was doing the job, even using twice a day, even after extractions, my skin didn't even sting during or after application. That made me feel so reassured! The feeling I had after using, my face not feeling super tight, not feeling compromised or stripped, reassured me that my face was possibly cleared of residue from the city water.

SkinCeuticals Phyto Corrective Masque

Thankfully I scored this back bar size from Dr. Santana!! I have been putting this baby to WORK!! I have been receiving Pixel Laser Treatments from Jade every 3 weeks for my Tummy Tuck scar, using the corrective masque post-treatment at home has been very beneficial as I am healing. I will add, even though my stomach is numb from the surgery, I feel the sensitivity and heat after application. This feeling doesn't usually last very long. Very little (Nickel size) of this masque needs to be used. Product can be spread very easily, even more with warm/softened skin (post-shower). The masque I will use 2-3 times a month for my face with the regimen pictured above.

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SkinCeuticals is a line that my medical esthetician and family practitioner carries in their office. This line is highly respected in my industry and available to only medical offices/professionals as the concentration and percentages of ingredients is higher than your typical over the counter and professional-grade skincare. Some products can only be used in the treatment room (not available for purchase), purchased for specific treatments/prep-treatments/post-treatments. If you are in the Oklahoma City metro area, you can contact my medical aesthetician and/or my family practitioner for ordering/pricing info.

-Jade Theriot- Medical Aesthetics By Jade

-Dr. Castel Santana with Morefit Medical-

To Purchase Image Products- Visit my Amazon Online Store-

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