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Starpil Wax USA... Overrated? The truth behind the wax!


Happy Wax Wednesday on this beauty Thursday! Sadly coming a day late due to severe weather in lovely Oklahoma!

Today's Blog will be about an extremely controversial topic among social media and social groups.

Disclaimer: Without giving tooooo much info away as there are privacy rules from professional-only groups that I would still love to be part of...And professional perks from Starpil that must remain confidential, some info will remain private as this is a public post. If any professional would like to have more info than provided in this blog post, please contact Starpil Customer Service.


A few weeks ago an Esthetician posted a question to a private Wax Group that I belong to asking everyone what hard wax they use... Hinting they may be shopping around for a new brand to bring into their salon... the main point of their post "Not Starpil, I don't like they just sell to just anyone". I was very discouraged for her. Whether she decided to go with Starpil or not, I feel like we as professionals should try as many waxes as possible to see if that formula is a good fit for us. I normally do not reply but I found this is my chance to set the record straight. I see this claim of professionals NOT wanting to try Starpil for this ONE REASON!!! If you are here because the caption has caught your attention and you are needing guidance or maybe reassurance about the company... Here is my response!!

" I know the hype about Starpil is high, they really are a great brand. I understand the wax is all people seem to talk about so let's talk about what's important first.

Starpil selling to the public has never deterred me from ordering or trying their product and it shouldn't you either, Starpil was created in 1993 by Maystar, for international expansion in waxing products. I feel like the public is always going to reach out and purchase wax on their own if they have that option. Same way with how clients order our professional products online from unauthorized dealers. My point is... Most people will wax themselves unsuccessfully and end up coming to us for damage control. Clients unknowingly purchasing expired or fake products from unauthorized dealers, they will wait months for results and when they don't receive them they will write off the brand altogether!

As for Starpil, they do have a great product... and they support professionals in every way possible by receiving a personal appointed sales rep to contact you about orders... new products coming out... contact you when their supply is running low so you don’t have to wait for restock. Reps will even go further for you when placing orders that are larger than can be selected on their websites. I myself have even received free equipment!

They are there for you via email, phone call, and all social media outlets. I have even had an owner of Starpil reach out to see how I am and if I need anything from the company, asking how and if they could improve anything to better my experience.

The prices are extremely competitive, even after the recent price increase. They have not had a price increase in close to 4 years. The price increase may seem like a huge increase but it’s really not... the prices used to reflect 5lb buckets and now it reflects 10lb bags... another reason why I love the company... they listened to how much we didn’t like the buckets!

They offer free shipping over $100.00.

And have a wide variety of waxes that please a very wide variety of waxers. Perhaps that’s why so many waxers fancy them?

Their wax pots are the best priced I have seen on the market. I believe they are the first company to offer a 5.5 and 10lb pot.

All in all, they really back their professionals and perform IG lives with estheticians every Friday so that featured estheticians can give their education to the public viewers about waxing and why receiving a service from a professional is so important.

I don’t say all of this because I am an affiliate/ambassador/educator for them... it’s because of these things that I chose to be an affiliate/ambassador and educator for this company.

No matter what they will back you and support you!

As for Cirepil... I just can’t get behind a brand that won’t sell directly to a professional and the professional has to pay the markup. Not to mention their customer service isn't very useful on IG.

Now... I saved this for last because this is what professionals are tired of reading about.


I saw a comment about the wax being stringy... this could be a melting or/a temp issue. I had the same issue when I first used it... but after trial and error, I haven’t had any issues for the past 2 years.

The wax is low temp and flexible.

You don’t need to let this wax set long AT ALL before removing.

They offer natural and polymer hard waxes and developed the popular (clear) Starsoft Hard Wax.

If you have any questions y’all can always shoot me a message or message the company directly and tell them I sent ya. I personally deal with Chelsea and Mariana.

I hope all this info is helpful and gives a different glimpse into your opinion into the company and wax AS A WHOLE.


To view my Starpil Wax demos. Please visit my Youtube Channel.


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Sheikh Nasrin
Sheikh Nasrin
12 de out. de 2019

i buy wax

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