The Enjoyment and Effectiveness of Over-The-Counter Skincare. Product Feature: Kate Somerville

Happy New Year from Edwards Aesthetics to you!

As promised, I am here to deliver NEW content. Adding a new angle to what some can consider controversial 🧐 😬

My audience is more likely to be directed to a licensed professional, However with the New Year and with the changes from my biggest social influence outlet last year (YouTube), I not only want to direct my focus on my soul passion... Waxing... I want to also show how relatable I actually am to every individual that loves the beauty community WHILE giving honest testimony, reviews, and having direct conversations on all skincare/makeup that I have found along the way that wasn't developed to be used/sold by licensed professionals, but instead being sold over-the-counter.

I hope you enjoy this new direction I have taken. My love for education with the waxing community and licensed professionals have made me thirsty for more engagement. Engagement from anyone with a love or an equivalent passion for Health & Beauty. My intention isn't to downplay the effectiveness and importance of professional skincare and skincare services. My intention is to shed a brighter light on one over-the-counter product over the other that you could be using if professional skincare isn't a financial option OR if you would like an addition to your professional products while in- between skincare treatments.

At-Home consistent skincare routines in between facial treatments is the most effective act to healthy skin.

If you ask your older generation about their skincare routine you will normally find two types of woman. The woman that would spread iodine across their skin and worship the suns rays or the woman who still to this day practice the equivalent religious act in applying the well known product Noxema Cold Cream.

If there was a woman that seemed to be labeled "in between", her skincare routine would typically be made up of hand/body soap and water. Scary right?!

For the woman that used their faithful products day after day, year after year with no one day lapsed in between, I SEE YOU! I see you have beautiful skin. Its crazy to think how a cold cream with a few other select products DID WORK!

Lets not forget these woman also believed in the ART... Yes I said ART... of SUNSCREEN!

These women believed in caring for their skin with a routine. Prepping and caring for the barrier that represents them. A lot of the products mentioned were in fact over-the-counter and my generation grew up seeing these products or newer equivalents being used. It's no wonder it FELT like we were doing something constructive by choosing any other skincare item off the shelf.

Just like any professional skincare item, OTC skincare is not created equally or universally.

Some OTC Products have confusing marketing techniques to mislead consumers. Here are some examples.

"A dermatologist tested the product in some way. One doctor, somewhere, used it (even if he or she didn't necessarily like it). It does not mean there was a clinical trial or that a group of dermatologists endorse it. When an advertisement states that "9 out of 10 dermatologists recommend" something, that's what it's based on."

Dr. Ellen Marmur, MD


'Dermatologist Recommended' also fall into the category of misleading marketing! Products that adopted this logo or any logo that states an approval by a dermatologist simply defines the product has been tested by a dermatologist, a representative of the dermatologist, or a patient of the dermatologist and liked/enjoyed the experience and quite possibly would endorse the product. Legally this misleading stamp has no approval with the FDA.

Now we have the 2 biggest misleading tactics out of the way, let talk about what we love!


There are so many products that I have found over the years, many that I have came to love, many that I wish I could use because I loved them but my skin didn't at the time, and I found some products that looked/performed better in the dumpster rather than on the shelf.

Kate Somerville ExfoliKate - Intensive Exfoliating Treatment

Purchase ExfoliKate

This exfoliating scrub exfoliates and polishes skin, revealing a smooth, healthy-looking, glowing complexion. Natural exfoliants help to deep clean pores, while fruit enzymes help to clarify and renew skin, balancing hydration, without over-drying. Improves the appearance of: Skin texture & pores Crow's feet, fine lines and wrinkles

2.0 Oz $85 | 0.5 Oz $24

Key Ingredients & Benefits:

  • Lactic Acid - A natural AHA that ''chemically'' exfoliates skin

  • Silica - A natural exfoliant that ""physically"" exfoliates skin

  • Papaya, Pineapple, and Pumpkin Enzymes - Help enhance skin exfoliation

  • Salicylic Acid - Helps improve the appearance of pores

  • Aloe Vera and Honey - Helps soothe and condition skin

  • Vitamins A, C and E - Provide antioxidant benefits

  • Soy-Lipid - Replenishes skin's natural barrier function

To my surprise seeing there is a trial size option, I would have more than likely snagged this tube of warmth a long time ago.

I have used PLENTY of enzyme masques in my day, mostly because I need so many forms of exfoliating. As you can see in the photo above I suffered from the most horrendous acne up until a year ago. Now I combat pigmentation, the usual deep scaring, and occasional jawline/lower cheek texture.


Daily I use two Rx's on my face that has helped me achieve absolutely clear skin. I also wax my face once a month. In preparation for my wax, I will quit using my evening Rx a week prior and substitute with the ExfoliKate up until 2 days or so before I wax. Some trial and error I have found this method has kept my face from acne breakouts as I am still receiving a sufficient exfoliating cleanse.


Giving myself a face wax has not only given me better makeup application but because my vellus hair around my side burn area and the bottom of my jawline was so thick (Super peach fuzz 🀣)

It was difficult to FEEL products working, FEEL the products consistency, are the products being applied evenly? etc. After becoming consistent with my face waxes I have seen the biggest changes in my skins tone, texture and overall health! I encourage everyone to give it a go if they would like to see the full potential of their skincare products and makeup applications!

If you have a product that you don't see on my shelf. That I JUST HAVE TO TRY that you swear by, leave a comment! I will give it a go!

I hope you have enjoyed reading and as always, thank you for reading and spending your time to explore my thoughts and opinions.

Don't hesitate to look around the rest of my website and other socials!



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