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What To Expect After Your Initial Wax.

Revised 11/17/19

WHEW!!! You did it!!

Did you take your Benadryl? If not, this is your reminder!!

Speaking of reminders... if you are needing a reminder about the DON'TS...

please refer back to 'Prep the V- ' I will link at the top of this paragraph.

Let's get started!


Each client will experience different reactions after their initial wax. Each client will also experience similar situations that are sometimes not explained at a first-time visit elsewhere. These situations can be misunderstood by the client as an ineffective wax, improper technique, allergic reactions, etc.

Clients' minds can GO WILD when not having the proper 'Post Care Info'.

NOTE: Some clients have experienced breakouts when this hair does come in, or right when its time to come for your 2nd visit.

The importance of exfoliating I can't stress enough. There is no need for a heavy hand when exfoliating daily. The natural hair of the bristles are flexible and will give proper exfoliation.


After leaving my office you will experience a number of things depending on what service you received during your visit.

  • Was your skin sensitive?

  • Did you have ingrowns from previous shaving that I extracted?

  • Was your hair not long enough?

  • Were there other topics discussed that need further action?

Sensitive skin?

This area of the body is a very intimate area. This can range from red skin, slight red bumps, skin-colored bumps that are slightly raised, little white bumps that occurred days after your service (ALL ARE NORMAL REACTIONS), Can differ in length of time, and may be helped/prevent further discomfort by taking an oral antihistamine.

In the following days it's normal to feel the friction that is put on the area(s).

(Jeans, tight clothes, not wearing underwear, wearing tight underwear, excessively working out, etc) we will also feel the irritation the sweat will cause to the skin.

The white bumps some experience are NOT "pimples"... but instead, histamine fluid that is at the surface of the skin caused by a "trauma". Trauma comparable to a bug bite... you wouldn't POP a bug bite... PLEASE DO NOT POP THESE WHITE BUMPS!

Instead, take your dry brush and start your exfoliating regimen. After showering, applying a cotton pad of witch hazel to clarify the follicles is best. If you are not wearing underwear or wearing the wrong underwear... the added moisture from sweat and friction from clothing can break hair regrowth and cause much irritation. Wearing cotton underwear/thongs will absorb sweat best and wear best! All items can be found in my Amazon Online Store.

Exfoliating and witch hazel will also keep the area free of dead skin cells and clean post extractions and ingrown hair extractions.

IF your hair wasn't long enough, A new appt will be made for a later date. Continue to exfoliate to further prep for the appt.

Why you will see hair in about 2 weeks or less post initial wax

As I have said before, The initial wax is "JUST THE STARTING POINT." You should NOT expect flawless, long-lasting results after the first visit. You will see hair that is on a different growth cycle come through a few weeks or less after your first visit.

Now that you have the worst part out of the way, you can rest assure your second visit will go much smoother. Second visits are less painful, sessions are much quicker, hair is much thinner, not to mention there is less hair! To maintain your appts and always ensure you have a spot on my books. Always make sure you have your appts booked before leaving your appt or you can sign up for 4-week recurring appts!



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